To see the Sage Banking Service Provider API in action you can use Postman, a multiplatform REST client with intuitive GUI for configuring HTTP requests, designing JSON payloads, and viewing HTTP responses.

A Postman Collection is available to illustrate the Sage Banking Service Provider API methods and workflow.

Step 1: Get Postman

Visit the Postman website to get setup.

Download and install Postman

Step 2: Get the Postman Collection

Postman supports Collections which are a pre-packaged bundle of API requests. Sage provides a Postman Collection for common tasks to assist in developing with the Banking Service Provider API.

Download Postman Collection

Step 3: Import the Postman Collection

  1. Unzip the JSON format file from the downloaded ZIP archive.
  2. Open Postman
  3. From the main menu, select File > Import
  4. Drag and drop the JSON files into Postman