Steps to get started with the Sage People API.

Obtain a trial environment

Request your Salesforce trial environment by email from [email protected]. When your trial environment has been created and set up, you will receive your user details by email. The trial environment has:

Sage People API permission set

When you receive the trial environment, it comes with the API user already created and with the API permission set assigned. To check that your API user has the permissions, go to Setup > Administration Setup > Manage Users > Users and select your user from the list. Scroll down to the Permission Set Assignments Related List and check that the Sage People API permission is assigned.

Sage People API permission set

Obtain an Access token

You need a bearer token for the API user in each call you make to the Sage People API. You can use any authentication flow supported by Salesforce, for more information refer to the Salesforce OAuth documentation.

Salesforce OAuth is managed via a Connected App. The Connected App you create for the Sage People API will require the following OAuth scopes:

Postman Collection

You can use Postman to create your API calls. Download Postman

This Postman collection contains several sample API calls for the Sage People API. Refer to Postman documentation for more information on OAuth flows.

In order to use any of the requests within the Postman collection, you must set the following two variables:

Postman Variables

The other variables are only used for some requests.

Get help or provide feedback

If you have any questions, feedback or functionality requests, email them to [email protected].